The Working On Wellness Foundation provides FREE online seated exercise sessions, live via Zoom or on YouTube, created and conducted by our experienced and certified instructors. All can be done while remaining seated. They include cardio, upper body, lower body, core, balance, coordination, and hand exercises. And all of our live Zoom sessions begin with 15 minutes of social chat time.

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Unfortunately, Izzy was not feeling well on Monday, so we replayed a prior session. But please join Karly and Lynette for this week's new exercise sessions. They find unique ways to get you moving, even though you may be exercising in a chair. These sessions combine core, arm, and leg strength exercises with some cardio. But what makes them different are the exercises that strengthen your brain, coordination, and balance. 

Remember to be safe during your exercise. Modify the exercises to your own abilities. And be sure to stay hydrated.

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No Equipment needed this week. Karly leads you through a full-body cardio intensive workout today. Of course you do whatever YOU can and should do. 

Remember to be safe during your exercise. Modify the exercises to your own abilities. And be sure to stay hydrated.


Equipment Needed: hand weights
A Happy Thanksgiving Eve from the Working on Wellness Foundation. Get your body prepared for all the food and fun you'll have tomorrow! Lynette leads today's exercise to get your joints and muscles ready for Thanksgiving. As always, we are grateful for you all watching and participating with our videos. 

Remember to be safe during your exercise. Modify the exercises to your own abilities. And be sure to stay hydrated.


Equipment needed: ball 

After a warm-up to get your heart pumping, Karly leads you through some great range of motion sets that work head to heels. After two different sets of those, pick up your ball and use that for more full-body motion work. Finish with some balance exercises, still using your ball. And then a relaxing cool-down.


Please do remember to go at your own pace and have a clear around you. Have fun!


People with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and other conditions benefit physically through exercises that promote range of motion, strength, balance, and coordination. They also benefit from the social atmosphere of being in a group that shares the same daily challenges.

Working On Wellness Foundation wants to make it a little easier for those people by providing chair-based exercise sessions lead by certified instructors.  Now these sessions can be accessed through Zoom or via YouTube.

In order to do this the Working on Wellness Foundation needs your help to raise funds. 

Working on Wellness Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) corporation and all contributions may be tax deductible to the donor and will directly benefit the recipients and programs.

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