Working On Wellness Foundation provides exercise for those with conditions that require it just to keep moving. We now provide online seated/chair exercise opportunities for anyone with mobility issues. 

New! Strength Training Sessions are now FREE

We are so excited to announce that donations from the Living Word Lutheran Church of Orland Park have allowed us to open ALL of our Seated (or standing) Strength Training sessions FREE for everyone.


Join us live on Zoom at 9:45 AM Central Time on Wednesdays. Get the link each week by completing our contact form below.

Or view them all, past and current, on a special YouTube Strength Training Playlist.

For more information about our sponsor, please visit their website at

Equipment needed: hand weights
Please remember that you can modify all of our exercises to fit your own individual abilities. Do what YOU can do safely.
Lynette starts with an easy warm-up then moves on to a series of hand exercises. She follows with a series of ten exercises -- sit to stand, and four different rounds of combination upper-body exercises alternating with a lower-body exercise. You'll repeat each set two more times. And be ready for the stretching cool-down.
In the future, join us for our LIVE ZOOM sessions. Talk to the other participants and the instructors. Complete the contact form below.

Free Zoom or YouTube Seated Exercises

 A grant from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has enabled us to make our Seated Exercise live on Zoom and on YouTube available to everyone for FREE!  Join us live on Zoom on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM Central Time. Or exercise along anytime by viewing it on YouTube by clicking the video on the right.


We've even put them all together for you in one Seated Exercise Playlist.

Be invited to these and our other exercise programs. Just complete the Contact form. You'll receive our weekly emails.

Be sure to visit the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to find out everything they offer at,

Equipment Needed: stretch band and small play/exercise ball
It's a quick warm-up today with Karly. Then you will be using your stretch band and ball to increase resistance for most of the exercises. There is a short round of cardio too!
To access more videos or to be invited to our live Zoom sessions, please complete the contact form below.


The Working On Wellness Foundation provides online seated exercise sessions, created and conducted by our experienced and certified instructors.

Click here to go to our YouTube Channel

Each week, our channel will highlight a week of yoga, strength training, big movement, and general exercise sessions. All can be done while remaining seated. They include cardio, upper body, lower body, core, balance, coordination, and hand exercises. 

To access additional exercise videos please complete our Contact Form.



People with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and other conditions benefit physically through exercises that promote range of motion, strength, balance, and coordination. They also benefit from the social atmosphere of being in a group that shares the same daily challenges.

Working On Wellness Foundation wants to make it a little easier for those people by
- providing chair-based exercise sessions lead by certified instructors.  Now these sessions can be accessed through Zoom or via YouTube.

- providing scholarships to the Orland Park Health and Fitness Center for those who are in both medical and financial need

In order to do this the Working on Wellness Foundation needs your help to raise funds. 

Working on Wellness Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) corporation and all contributions may be tax deductible to the donor and will directly benefit the recipients and programs.

We are happy to provide you with more information about the Working On Wellness Foundation.

Please tell us if you are interested in donating, receiving a scholarship, sampling our Zoom or YouTube sessions or general information.

Or call us at 815-277-9040



Zelle lets you quickly send money directly to the Working On Wellness Foundation. There is no fee for either of us. 

Send your donation to using either your banking app or bank's web portal. 

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