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We currently offer virtual exercise sessions four days a week. Live on Zoom and then posted to YouTube. All exercises can be done while seated but many times our certified instructors will demonstrate additional ways to accommodate the various levels of ability and disability.

  • Monday - Seated Yoga

  • Tuesday - General Seated Exercise – Sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

  • Wednesday - Strength Training

  • Thursday - BIG movements / Range of Motion / Parkinson’s Exercise.


We are now looking for sponsors for our Zoom and YouTube sessions. Sponsor benefits would include: 

  • A logo and link on our website and Facebook page

  • A mention at the start of the Zoom and YouTube exercise sessions

  • An advertisement would be added at the start of YouTube sessions as well as a reference in all descriptions for those YouTube sessions

  • All of the past and future YouTube videos for the sessions you sponsor with your information and advertisement added would be available to the public.

  • The Working On Wellness Foundation has a Google Non-Profit advertising grant. We would work with you to tailor ad wording, keywords, and intended audience to maximize your sponsorship.

Sponsor Rates

$320 – 1 Month; $960 – 3 Months; $1,920 – 6 months; $3,840 – 1 year. Exclusive sponsorship for the agreed to Exercise class and renewable


Website and YouTube Visitor Analytics: (April, 2024) - 4.2K sessions

YouTube Videos - 2.5K views

Let’s Work Together

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